Top 4 Fitness Exercises at Home to Burn Fats

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Exercising at home will be important for some people especially when you live miles away from nearest gym or the program is too expensive, even more so if any work or family commitment means they can’t get to the gym. Home workouts may be the only option for some dieters and any workout is better than none.

It is convenient having exercise home right in the comfort of your own house. You don’t even have to wait in traffic in a row to use a machine. But the only problem with exercising from home is that you aren’t always sure which the best exercises to do to burn fat at home.
Have a look at these 4 at home workout routines that helps you burn fat.

Weight training
Why is it good for burning fat?
Lots of people thinking it will make them bulk up. But actually it builds lean muscle mass and burn fat fast. while also boosting your metabolism – leading to have leaner and tone body.

How do do it
You will need a pair of dumbells or a pair adjustable dumbbells body if you are thinking of using multiple weight loads. It is also important selecting how much weight of dumbells you lifting especially for women. You need to train your upper and your lower body, and focus on all the major muscle groups, not only one or two.

Speed rope skipping

If you have ever used a speed rope, then you will know that it gives an excellent cardio workout that will have you sweating and burning off fat. It is also good to burn calories.

How do do it
Invest in a speed rope and use it for 20 minutes 3 times a week, if you aren’t using any other cardio exercises as well.

Circuit training

Circuit training is a combination of cardio interval training and weight training. It is super helpful for burning off fat and it will do so quickly.

How do do it
You will need this following equipment:

-Cardio equipment – step/speed rope or other
-And an exercise ball (optional)

Then get your own circuit by doing two weight training exercises followed by one cardio. You then repeat it until you have reached 20 minutes.

At home interval training

Interval training is one of the effective cardios for fat burn. It also makes you fitter with each session and it boosts your metabolism and calorie burn.

How do do it
You should aim for about 3 session of interval training 3 times a week for best results. Choose any cardio that you will enjoy. Then start out slow and then you increse the intensity and speed minute for minute until you break out in all out effort. Then you lower the speed and such until you are back at starting point. do again until your 20 minutes are up.

And don’t forget, you need to eat healthily, there’s no sense working out if you’re not prepared to get your nutrition right. Studies have shown that eating 6 small meals spread out through the day helps keep your metabolism running faster and reduces hunger cravings and snacking.

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Top 4 Fitness Exercises at Home to Burn Fats

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This article was published on 2010/12/21